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Yareah magazine next issue (31) is going to be titled Nature. Submissions are open for authors and artists. You know our motto: An Open Door. Jazz up and join Yareah in this new artistic and literary trip and topic.
In recent weeks, we have been living worried, absolutely worried about Hurricane Sandy. In fact, I was so worried that I couldn’t write any article about the topic. 

It’s true that I talked by email or on fb with friends affected by Sandy, but I don’t feel like publishing anything. I started writing once and again, trying to encourage affected people. However, once and again I felt my words weren’t enough good, enough encouraging, enough sympathetic. In the end, nobody knew what would happen and it’s not easy to make science-fiction when real people are in danger.

Now, we know the damages and now we have the information to write about Sandy and the effects of a hurricane. Furthermore, we can analyze things in a general way. Sandy is not the first hurricane, nor the first natural catastrophe that our Earth has suffered, and we can compare and see how people in other moments have overcome disasters.

What is going on with Nature? Maybe nothing or maybe, as some voices are warning in a while, we have damaged the environment and we are paying the consequences.
Mother Nature, a goddess, a myth, a subject to write. A nature which provides every kind of benefits, main topic for authors and artists, a nature which scared us sometimes.

The Bible, hundreds of years ago, talked about the Flood. Latin authors studied how to improve crops while Vesuvius volcano buried Pompeii. In the 18th century, Lisbon almost disappeared due to an earthquake but in this same century people developed coal factories… Always, the beautiful vs the dreadful Nature, always black and white with a rainbow in the middle, always Mother Nature.
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